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Document ScanningAdvanced Imaging Solutions, Inc.- The Microfilm Depot- is one of the most well known paper Document Scanning company in Florida. Our reputation is to produce high-quality paper to image conversions.

Truly, we are experts in the document imaging industry, as we have converted hundreds of paper scanning projects over the years, from paper and photo sizes from 3”x 5” (small format) to 42”x 180” (large format).

Who are our clients? Miami-Dade County, federal government, Engineering and architecture organizations, mortgage and loan companies, law firms, doctor medical offices, hospitals, universities, utilities, manufacturers, aircraft, airline operators & maintenance facilities, small businesses, healthcare insurance, and many others.

We also began scanning Plat Maps in 1996. Our goal was to have the best digital images of County Plat Maps. All of our Plat Maps are readable, and we document scanned for the following counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Collier, Martin, Orange, Seminole, Hillsborough, Lee, St Lucie, Indian River, and Brevard.


Achieve A Paperless Office With Document Scanning Services

By Chris Ferrer

Business owners who are looking for a way to maximize the available space in the workplace can consider hiring a company that specializes in Document Scanning and microfilm scanning services. By transferring paper documents to digital files, businesses will see an immediate reduction in the amount of spaced needed to file and store important information. Companies are no longer required to purchase and maintain expensive microfilm reader printers that take up a lot of storage space. The need for filing paperwork in cabinets is also eliminated. Any documents that have been duplicated digitally are able to be destroyed and discarded. Digital files are easier to back up, store and share than bulky paper files.

Paper files are often stored in a closet, cabinet or room that is locked up. This will work effectively in most cases but business owners must still be careful that unauthorized people cannot gain access to the protected files. Keys can be stolen and if that happens, every document stored in the space is vulnerable to theft. Gaining access to protected files on a computer is more difficult for most people because passwords can be used to secure them. It is still important to protect the passwords but they can be changed much easier and quicker than any physical lock if it ever becomes necessary. In fact, changing the passwords from time to time is a good way to introduce an added level of security.

Transmitting electronic files is simple enough for anyone to do whether the recipient is located in the same office or in some other location. With a flash or optical disk and a good internet connection, documents are transmitted immediately. Instead of spending time photocopying individual pages, an entire file is able to be copied and transmitted in just a few seconds.

Paperwork can be a challenge to keep track of. Individual pages and entire file folders are at risk of being misplaced or accidentally discarded. This is not the case with computer files. With a quality broadband connection, even very large documents are simple to manipulate and may be sent quickly and easily to any destination.

Paper is vulnerable and will deteriorate over time. Individual pages are at risk of becoming frayed or torn. Ink may blur and fade making the information difficult to read. This is not a problem with digitl files. No matter how long they are kept, the quality of the material is maintained.

Business owners can make the transition easier by hiring a professional company that specializes in transferring paper documents to digital files. The equipment required is expensive and a certain amount of expertise is needed to index and scan files efficiently.

A document management service can help any business convert their important documents into digital form as an effective way of increasing security and reducing the amount of space needed for long term storage.

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Top Advantages Of Using Document Imaging

By: christopher

When it comes to running a business there are a lot of records and paperwork to keep track of. Those who do not take the time to manage their files are not going to be as effective and profitable as they should be. Document Imaging is very easy to start and will bring on a variety of different benefits. Look here and find out how much easier life will become.

Records management is not as easy as people might think. As business starts to flow in and more customers sign up for services or products, it can be hard to maintain all of the records. However, with the right type of system it will be much easier to keep track of everything. This is why a lot of people tend to go paperless so that they can save time and money.

Due to the fact that there is no more paper, companies will be able to save a great deal of money. Paper costs are on the rise these days and many companies do not want to deal with buying box after box to make new files. Using a document management system is going to help eliminate the need for any paper.

This type of system enable people to stay a lot more organized. Medical records scanning is used by hospitals and offices to scan information about patients directly onto the computer. This is going to help keep everything in one central location. Newspaper companies are also using newspaper digitalization to help keep pages and ads together in one place.

These systems are very easy to use. After the management system has been installed, the owner will be able to start scanning and creating new files for customers. Make the switch and it will be easy to speed up the business and earn a higher profit.

Document Imaging is much more effective these days. Owners will be able to get a system that they can easily pass around to all of their employees. Take a look around right now in order to find the very best system or service that will help to increase those profits.

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Record Retention Schedules

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Record Retention SchedulesThe Importance Of Maintaining Record Retention Schedules

By Chris Ferrer

All businesses and companies should have Record Retention Schedules. This is a system whereby the companies are able to keep records for a specified length of time. It can be problematic for companies if they fail to do so as they may incur harsh penalties. The records will include emails, memoranda, emails and other types of important documents. Companies that adhere to the strict implementing of keeping these records will protect themselves from violating the law and there can be no suspicion of obstruction of justice. The saved data can also be handy should the need ever arise for defense in possible litigation.

In days gone by, records were kept when they were not been used for everyday use. Some of these reports would be kept off site or in the basement of the office building. The keyword to these reports is the evidence of any event that the company was involved in.

Someone at the corporation needs to collate, identify and classify the particular information. Information that can can specifically prove or disprove certain issues is very important. Information such as employee dossiers, tax records, corporate minutes, bylaws and accounting records are very important. A list of these reports should be made and as well as the details as to where this data is kept.

The person in charge of the data should find out from the legal department how long the company is legally obliged to retain specific data. The law applies differently to different data and the legal department will be able to help in this regard. Tax records for example have to be retained for thirty six months at least. There may be a statute of limitations that applies and this information can be obtained by speaking to the legal department. After this, the information may be recycled or archived.

If it is a big corporation, then it might be an idea to create a document retention task force team. This team will be responsible for overseeing the process of classifying and identifying the various data. Ideally, this team should consist of an information technology staff member, a member of corporate management and someone from the legal department.

The document should be reduced to writing. When all the various documents have been identified and classified, this information should be put in writing and then distributed to all staff members. The instructions regarding managing and keeping the records should be explicit in the document so that everyone is clear about the procedure.

Corporate staff members should be educated on this policy. Make sure all the staff members have access to the report and get them to sign it as well. Employees may need training as to the importance of this policy and if needed the company should provide such training. There should be a question and answer session for the employees so that there is no confusion regarding this matter.

It is important to store Record Retention Schedules where they will be easily accessible and where they are protected from any damage from the environment. Paper documents can be kept in an office in a filing cabinet. Larger companies have special rooms that safeguard the data especially against humidity and temperature.

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