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Our Business Philosophy is as simple and clear as our website design: we believe in 100% honesty, communication, and being cost efficient. We make no claims to be a Fortune 500 company; but we have been a thriving and proud small business operating from sunny South Florida. Our founder Chris Ferrer has been in the microfilm industry since 1984, as a Kodak products distributor.

Records keeping is a necessity that all businesses face. Getting to the most cost effective solution is our mission.

Advanced Imaging Solutions / The Microfilm Depot has been a leader in microfilm and microfiche records recording. In 1996, Advanced Imaging Solutions pioneered digital imaging as both a workable replacement for film based storage and a rapid access for documents on computers and computer networks.

As continuous advances are made in the digital marketplace, Advanced Imaging Solutions continues to lead the way with
hybrid solutions utilizing the long term storage and archive capabilities of microfilm and microfiche as well as intranet and internet digital records access.

Our team is comprised of different personalities, but we all come to agreement that delivering you a high-quality product with top-notch customer satisfaction is our goal. Since we have so much experience in the microfilm industry, we can quickly extract the necessary information needed to process you microfilm project, or if you are a reseller, assist you in gathering the project specifications from the end customer.

We have successfully ran projects for numerous government entities, counties, hospitals, mortgage companies, microfilm resellers, major engineering companies, and private individuals with no problems. Our company feedback has been positive, and our business is comprised of repeat customers spreading the word, satisfying national and local organizations, and networking.

Our main line of work is digitizing microfilm (16mm + 35mm reels), microfiche (COM, jackets, 35mm, etc.), and aperture cards, paper scanning, creation of archived microfilm from paper or images, film duplication, and data entry indexing. We also are certified Kodak resellers, and resell other types of equipment.

Although we are based in South Florida, we have provided microfilm services to clients around the world. We have never had any issues with lost media from clients using certified shipping carriers. The bulk of our paper scanning is done locally, since the cost of shipping may be high depending on weight. However, if you are out-of-state, and are having problems finding reliable paper scanning companies, we will glady scan your paper documents.

Advanced Imaging Solutions – The Microfilm Depot stands ready to handle your microfilm, paper, archiving, or indexing project, no matter how large or small. We are not out to put anyone out of business, and enjoy forming partnerships with resellers who need to get a project out fast.


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