Choosing The Right Aperture Card Scanning Service

It used to be that when companies needed to store large architectural drawings or schematics of mechanical parts, they would produce images and then use aperture cards to hold the images.  These aperture cards were then stored in special filing cabinets designed to allow retrieval of the cards through a searchable system based on notches in the cards.  This worked well for many years, but the system took up a lot of storage space and as digital technology improved, scanning aperture card images into digital files became a more efficient means of storing all of this archived information.

An aperture card scanning service can convert a company’s archived aperture card files into digital files for a relatively low cost and very quickly and efficiently.   Converting the aperture card images results in digital files which are fully readable and can be accessed immediately instead of having to go through racks of individual cards. Once the aperture card images are converted, they are available in any of several popular file formats which are readable by almost any current media including PDF, TIFF, and text-searchable PDF.

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Companies often use aperture cards to store technical drawings, engineering drawings, technical diagrams and plans.  An aperture card scanning service can convert the aperture card which is the card that transports a single microfilm transparency.

When an aperture card scanning service company converts the image to a digital file it eliminates the time consuming retrieval tasks.  This saves the company considerable costs and time and once the aperture cards are scanned, they can be printed, viewed and shared from any media quickly using a text search.  This is much quicker than doing a search through each individual aperture card to find a necessary document.

When a company converts their aperture card images from microfilm to digital, they will save both time from searching for files and information and storage space by reducing the space required to store the aperture cards.

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